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Donations & Rivet Club

Many people have asked us for the opportunity to make a donation to keep the Lancaster and Centre operating, so this makes it possible.

We would be most grateful of anything that you can give to help us maintain the Lancaster in memory of RAF Bomber Command and all of the 55,500 aircrew that lost their lives during the Second World War, theirs is a debt that cannot be repaid but it is at least a debt that should not be forgotten.

As they say 'every little helps' and so you can donate anything from £1.00 upwards by increasing the quantity that you buy.

Together we can hopefully run the Lancaster for many generations to come, and who knows she may once again grace the wide blue yonder over our green and pleasant land!

Alternatively you can sign up to a monthly donation with out 'Rivet Club' for as little as £2.00 per month