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Lancaster Restoration

Restoring the legendary Lancaster to fly again

Restoring Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' to airworthy condition

The future for NX611

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre is currently working through a programme of restoration with Avro Lancaster NX611 with the aim of taking her to an airworthy condition.

It has been our ultimate ambition to be able to restore NX611 to an airworthy condition but also keep her accessible for the general public to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere created by a Lancaster. For us to keep NX611 as a credible 'peoples memorial' to Bomber Command available to many people, no matter their background or financial situation (After all those that flew with Bomber Command came from every imaginable background) we must strike a healthy balance between keeping her in a good condition but also allowing the public to experience her.

The aircraft is being worked through part by part on a long term restoration project with progress being made throughout the years while NX611 continues to taxy from March to November.  The whole project is estimated to cost £4million all of which is being raised through museum admission fees, donations and Lancaster taxy rides.

Throughout the restoration process we will continue to taxy NX611 for demonstration and public taxy rides, even once NX611 is restored to an airworthy condition it would continue to be available to the public for taxy rides and internal tours, we are aiming to keep it as accessible as it currently is.

Continual updates can be followed here

You can follow the restoration by joining the RIVET CLUB

The aircraft is being systematically restored over winter periods as below-

Winter of 2016 saw a complete paint strip and survey of the airframe.

Winter of 2017 sees the starboard rudder and tail fin disassembled and completely restored along with the starboard undercarriage support beams and inboard sub frame NDT'd.

Winter of 2018 sees the port rudder and tail fin disassembled and completely restored along with the port undecarriage support beams and inboard subframe NDT'd.

Winter of 2019 sees the wingtips restored.

Winter of 2020 saw no major work being performed due to the Coronvairus pandemic.

Winter of 2021 sees the donor rear fuselage of KB976 and the donor wing of NX664 started

Winter 2022 sees the fitting of the donor fuselage of KB976 and the rear fuselage of NX611 fittedto the jig to be restored.

Winter of 2023 sees the port wing of NX611 removed and restored, swapped out with the wing of NX664.  It also sees the rear fuselage of NX611 refitted

Winter of 2024 sees the mid fuselage of NX611 removed for restoration and the starboard wing of NX664 restored.

Winter of 2025 sees the starboard wing of NX611 removed and restored, swapped out with the wing of NX664

Winter of 2026 sees the cockpit section of NX611 restored

Take a look at our Youtube chanel HERE and videos documenting the progress HERE