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At the Centre we offer you the opportunity to come and experience our world famous aircraft in many different and unique ways.  Get closer than ever before...

Our Avro Lancaster NX611 ‘Just Jane’ Experiences

Have a tail down taxy ride on the world famous Lancaster Bomber - the only place in Europe you can get on board the iconic aircraft!

There are two options for the Lancaster taxy ride experience.

The VIP day is a whole day experience taking place mid-week providing you with the most relaxed look over the aircraft and the chance to talk Lancasters with the crew and other like-minded people for the whole day. Also inclusive of a briefing, tour of the aircraft, morning coffee, lunch and afternoon refreshments.

The taxy ride experience option takes place on our event days, a shorter experience but providing you with the same taxy ride and tour of the aircraft and there is usually an event taking place on your taxy ride day as well. There is usually a higher admission fee on these event days for any one accompanying the rider.

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Our De Havilland Mosquito HJ711 Experiences

Take this fantastic opportunity to experience the only running Mosquito in Europe.  HJ711 is a Mosquito NFII and offers a unique opportunity to experience one of the greatest aircraft of all time.

Photography Packages

25% of purchases go to our restoration

Take the opportunity to include a photo package with your aviation experience and 25% of the purchase price goes back into the Lancaster restoration project.
The photography packages can be added during your experience day and are offered by A & K Markham Photography

Truly amazing

To get up close and personal with the Lancaster was truly amazing. To be able to get inside and see and sit in the rear turret and the cockpit was mind blowing. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and they made the tour memorable. I had an amazing day.

R Smith

The food was lovely, and most of all the time given to us to spend in the Lancaster was invaluable and the time of those involved to answer questions and talk about the plane was more than we had hoped

J Bowie
Wonderful tour

Today my husband and I were lucky enough to “climb into” your magnificent Lancaster, Just Jane and enjoy a wonderful hour and a half hearing all about this incredible aircraft. Your tour guide “Tim” was informative, personable and did a first rate job. We both felt quite emotional thinking of all those brave crew (and ground crew) who clearly went above and beyond. We have visited many times and will no doubt continue to do so but just wanted to thank everyone associated with this exciting aeroplane.

H Smith

I can honestly say that for a few minutes whilst the Lancaster was taxiing and with my eyes turned to the inside I was 20,000ft….. it was 1944 ….. and I was flying on a mission over Germany!  I doubt whether there is anywhere else in the world that could have provided that feeling.

J Shelley
Wonderful team

We would like to thank everyone involved for making the day so enjoyable. The team leader made us feel very welcome and was an excellent ambassador for the museum for the museum, giving expert insight and knowledge to all, mixed with humour to make everyone feel relaxed

I Morley

I had a vague idea of what flying in wartime must have been like, based on accounts in books, but to experience for myself the cramped conditions filled me with even more respect for the brave lads who went out night after night.


J Edwards