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‘Just Jane’ Lancaster VIP Taxy Ride

The VIP Experience

Experience a whole day with our Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane', with two or more taxy runs, one to ride on and the other to watch. Includes a briefing, lunch and refreshments, giving a fantastic opportunity to discover all about this great aircraft

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What's included?

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What’s included on your ‘Just Jane’ Lancaster VIP Taxy Ride?

The VIP Day

We offer special VIP days which are usually held mid week and are a whole day experience. The arrival time is 9am and the day starts with morning coffee and your briefing from the crew at 9.30am. There are multiple tail down taxy runs on our VIP days one at 11am and the other at 1.30pm and riding places are limited. The riders in the VIP party are divided into two groups with half on the 11am run and half on the 1.30pm run. The benefit of there being two taxy runs is that you ride on one and watch the other at close quarters. The taxy ride is completely unique and very different to the experience from outside the aircraft.

There is a lunch prepared especially for our VIP guests at 12 Noon. The VIP option offers you plenty of time to look aorund the aircraft and ask any questions of the pilot and crew. All guests have the opportunity to sit in/visit each position throughout the aircraft whilst the aircraft is static and have the tour of the cockpit with the chance to sit in the pilot's seat. Whilst you are looking around the aircraft we have crew members on hand to talk Lancasters! Afternoon refreshments are also available (if you still have room after your lunch!) and there is also a certificate for your taxy ride signed by the pilot.

Guest option
There is also the chance for the person enjoying the taxy ride to bring a guest who gets the whole day, including a look inside the Lancaster and tour of the aircraft, but not the taxy ride for £95.00. The VIP day is run in a far more leisurely manner, providing you with time to absorb the airfield's history and sounds.

Rider Price- £485pp

Please note that riders must be aged 15 years or over.  Under 15s need to be accompanied by an adult on board which does restrict positioning.  Please contact us for more information. 
There is also the opportunity for you to buy a photo of yourself sat in "Just Jane" taken by our resident photographers A&K Markham. 25% of all purchases is donated to the 'Restoration of Just Jane'. They also offer a service to frame your photo along with your certificate while you wait.
Arrangements can be made with Kay or Alan on the day of your ride.

A typical schedule for a ‘Just Jane’ Lancaster VIP Taxy Ride


Arrival and booking in


Morning tea/coffee


Your briefing with the team


First group of riders board the aircraft for their tour


Lancaster taxy run




Second group of riders board the aircraft for their tour


Second Lancaster taxy run


Afternoon tea/coffee and cake

Photography Packages

25% of purchases go to our restoration

Take the opportunity to include a photo package with your aviation experience and 25% of the purchase price goes back into the Lancaster restoration project.
The photography packages can be added during your experience day and are offered by A & K Markham Photography

Lancaster VIP

Thanks so much for the VIP taxy experience last Wednesday - the day was simply perfect!  Everything I had hoped for and more - the staff were friendly and charming - the information extremely well thought out and delivered very professionally - the catering superb - the pilot an absolute joy - thank everyone for me please, it was a dream made reality.

C. Cobbold

I had a vague idea of what flying in wartime must have been like, based on accounts in books, but to experience for myself the cramped conditions filled me with even more respect for the brave lads who went out night after night.


J Edwards

The food was lovely, and most of all the time given to us to spend in the Lancaster was invaluable and the time of those involved to answer questions and talk about the plane was more than we had hoped

J Bowie