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Mosquito HJ711 Taxy Ride Experience

Come and have the ultimate experience with DH Mosquito HJ711

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What's included?

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What’s included on your Mosquito HJ711 Taxy Ride Experience?

On our tail down taxy rides you enjoy the only chance in Europe to be inside a Mosquito with both Merlins running. We place guests enjoying a ride in the navigators position beside the pilot. The sound of the 2 Merlins alone has a profound effect on any one who is the least bit interested in the Second World War. The whole experience lasts 30 minutes, with the taxy run itself lasting around 15 minutes and a tour around the equipment in the cockpit. Each guest has a certificate to take home signed by the pilot.

Mosquito HJ711 is the only running Mosquito outside of North America!

Photography Packages

25% of purchases go to our restoration

Take the opportunity to include a photo package with your aviation experience and 25% of the purchase price goes back into the Lancaster restoration project.
The photography packages can be added during your experience day and are offered by A & K Markham Photography