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'Just Jane' saves Old Mendit



About this product

Childrens book by Jeanette Smith

A wonderful childrens story book about Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' and the village of Old Mendit.

Badger cubs Joe-Pye and Comfrey live in the little village of Old Mendit where everything is mended carefully and re-used.

In the next village of 'Patchit' the troublesome weasels don't take care of anything.  Their village is untidy and broken down.  So when the weasels come to Mendit in their rusty car they naturally cause a lot of trouble.

Joe-Pye and Comfrey go to their Grandad for help.  He suprises them with his beautiful old aeroplane 'Just Jane'.  Soon the weasels actions put the village in danger.  Grandad and the boys are asked for their help.  But its 'Just Jane' who save Old Mendit.

This leads to many exciting adventures for them all.