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Winter maintenance update 14-12-11

14 December 2011

Get the latest update on NX611's winter maintenance. 

Lots of work going on this year as chief engineer Keith Brenchley gets to grips with his first winter maintenance regime.

Keith started with us in June following on from Ian as chief engineer (engines).

From November 14th to current day we have been working on number 3 engine which has needed quite a lot of maintenance as niggling faults come to a head.

The repair list goes as follows-

Reduction gear bearings and shims
Prop shaft clean down and anti-corrosion work
Oil tank removal and flush out
Magneto clean and repair
Spark plug change
Valve clearance correction
Starter pack replacement
Oil pipe replacement
Fuel pipe replacement
CSU cleaning and operation
Prop clean down and anti-corrosion work
Some cam follower replacements
Many rubber parts replacement
Priming system repair

So quite a heavy season for number 3 engine but it should be working well as we start the 2012 season.

The prop went back on yesturday and the ancillary parts of the engine are being fitted.

The engine should be ready to run before Christmas.

Photos below-

Martin, Keith and Bob remove no3









Number 3 is prepared to be lifted out by Keith Brenchley, Bob Mitchell and Martin Lawton.  Our teleporter driver is Neil Toulson.

Lifting out no3













The engine emerges from the bearers.

Merlin lifted out of Lancaster









Merlin on a stand










Number 3 on its engine stand in front of NX611.

Lancaster engine bay










The empty engine bearers from Number 3.  You can also see the leading edge has been lifted to service pipes and controls.

Martin Lawton with Merlin










Martin stood with the Merlin once it is back in the engineering bay for work.  You can see the Cam shaft assembly has also been removed.

Merlin engine









Number 3 with the reduction gearing removed for service and repair.

Merlin engine








Number 3 with the supercharger and wheel case removed for repair.

























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