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Tatenhill Aviation and Trig Avionics sponsor NX611 'Just Jane' with a new intercom

12 June 2017

 NX611 receives sponsorship for a new radio and intercom set ready for her return to flight

Lancaster intercom and radio

In September 2016 we approached Tatenhill Aviation about fitting a new radio and intercom system to NX611. Up to now we have been using equipment from the Vulcan era and it was slowly starting to cause us intermittent problems and wouldn't conform to the new 8.33kHz spacing's. We were quoted an estimated figure of £7,000.00 plus VAT to provide the equipment and fitting to conform to current regulations. This was a large chunk of money but essential for the continued operating of the aircraft. We're never ones to take the first answer so we pursued the price to find out who may supply the equipment so that we could contact them directly and see if they would be willing to sponsor the equipment for such an iconic British aircraft. Luckily for us Trig Avionics, a British company, had all of the equipment we would need and were more than happy to help with the project. The kind guys at Trig gave us the Radio, Transponder and intercom free of charge!
On top of that Tatenhill had offered to fit it free of charge after the initial cost of the £500.00 survey of the aircraft. This was a huge lift to the project and the system was to be fitted in April 2017.
As I write this article we are just waiting on the final piece of the system which will enable our old WW2 era flying helmets to work on the new intercom. We are extremely grateful to both Trig Avionics and Tatenhill Aviation for their support and hard work on the project. It's great to know that British companies are willing to support their British Heritage.

The system we have fitted is-
PS Engineering 8000BT
Trig radio TY91
Trig Transponder TT21  

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