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RAFBF Air show 2011

06 August 2011

 Air show 2011!

Well what can we say except THANK YOU to all those of you who came to the air show on the 6th August.  The 2011 air show saw record numbers at the Centre as you gathered to see some great flying displays from the Breitling team to the SWIP duo and the Catalina.

Undoubtedly the star of the show was the Catalina but there we some amazing displays from the aerobatic and the vintage acts that joined us.

Throughout the day the visitors were able to have a look around the Catalina and we also dragged the C-47 Drag 'em oot out for people to look around.

We must also thank Vintage ATCO, Mike Wood and Ken Ellis for all of their work on the day as without them it would not be possible.

It looks as though we will be able to send a cheque for around £5,000.00 to the RAF Benevolent Fund from gate receipts alone which really is great news.

There will be MANY photos to follow but here is just a taster-

SWIP team










SWIP team




Fokker DR1

 Lancaster NX611

Breitling team

Breitling team

 Autp gyro MTO-3





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