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More Bristol Blenheim parts arrive

14 November 2022

Our second airframe arrives at the Centre

Today we received our second Blenheim IV/Bolingbroke airframe.  Although this is 10073 and the first airframe we secured it's actually the second to arrive at East Kirkby.
This aircraft was found over at Pima Air and Space museum in the United States of America and comprises one complete airframe and a spare set of wings as well as a Bristol Mercury engine.   There are still some parts of this airframe to arrive (centre section and tailplane) but the addition of this aircraft to our stores gives us much needed spares for our Blenheim project.

The spare set of wings are destined for the Kent Battle of Britain Museum to enable them to complete their Blenheim project and they are the final piece in a swap deal we started in 2021 for some Lancaster parts they held in stores.

These extra parts will be surveyed and assessed for spares.  Once the spares we need have been removed it is quite possible that some sections will be available for sale/trade so any interested parties should contact the Centre on andrew@lincsaviation.co.uk


Andrew Panton

Accountable Manager and Lancaster/Mosquito Taxy Pilot

Andrew has grown up with the Lancaster and the world of aviation inspiring him to carry on the work of museum founders Fred and Harold Panton.

Bristol Blenheim IV / Bolingbroke

31 October 2022