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Martin CE250 Turret

15 June 2011

 We find and purchase a mid-upper turret for NX611

After years of searching we have finally found the correct turret for NX611. In August 2010 we located the correct Martin CE 250 mid-upper turret in Chino, USA.

But we had not only managed to find a turret; we had also found a company to mould a new Perspex dome!

Upon ordering the turret and dome we were not quite expecting its construction to take as long as it did but we finally took delivery in June 2011.

The Perspex is absolutely perfect and really a sight for sore eyes; the workmanship is trully brilliant.

The turret itself requires a complete strip down, restoration and re-wiring but it will certainly be a great addition to the collection once it is finished!

The current plan is to only fit the turret for flight so it should be on show and hopefully operational for the public to see!



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