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2014 Lancaster winter servicing- Another expensive year!

Avro Lancaster NX611 goes into winter maintenance on the 7th November 2014.

This spells the start of a busy period for our engineering and logistics teams as we get to grips with fitting a great amount of work into a small window.  Not only is there a great amount of work on the schedule but there will be a big bill at the end of the winter servicing!

Work to be done-

Please note any work in NX611's return to airworthy programme is noted as (RAP)

Number 4 engine removal and replacement (RAP)
Number 1,2 and 4 oil tank removal and overhaul (RAP)
Number 1 and 4 engine bearer and subframe removal and NDT (RAP)
Main Undercarriage attachment casting NDT (RAP)
Mainplane to airframe fillet panel production (RAP)
Tailplane to aircraft fillet panel production (RAP)
Tailplane to vertical stabiliser fillet panel production (RAP)
Fuel cock control rod replacement (RAP)
Number 2 fuel tanks refitting (RAP)
Number 3 engine banks removal, overhaul and refit.
Merlin coolant radiator re-core (RAP)
2 Brake sacs replacement (RAP)
Number 4 Prop overhaul (RAP)
Spinner replacement
Number 1 engine supercharger clutch replacement
Tail oleo removal and overhaul
Engine Cowling repairs
Aileron removal, restoration and recovering (RAP)
Aircraft partial wiring change and battery replacement.

The overall winter servicing is expected to cost £60,000 plus labour costs.

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