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Fuselage of Lancaster KB976

03 July 2021

How will we utilise the rear fuselage of KB976?

We have been working behind the scenes with the South Yorkshire Air Museum who own the rear fuselage of Avro Lancaster KB976.  We have come to an agreement to restore the fuselage section to taxying condition so that it can be fitted to NX611 for a season.

This exchange will allow us to remove the rear fuselage section of NX611, mount it in the jig and do a complete restoration on the whole section without having to ‘stop and start'.  The original plan for NX611's fuselage section was to work on it over at least two winter periods.  This would have meant it would have been on and off the aircraft several times bringing with it the risk of damage and a huge number of man hours to detach and reattach each winter.

Not only do we get the logistic and time advantage but we also get time to fabricate new parts from the patterns from KB976, learn about the fuselage section and gain experience and knowledge for when NX611's rear fuselage is removed this coming winter.

This move should hopefully save at least one year on the restoration plan making up for the time lost due to COVID.


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