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B25 arrives at the Centre

10 November 2022

A new aircraft joins the Centres collection


We are very pleased to announce that we have received another aircraft for the collection at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre!

The Royal Airforce Museum announced a list of aircraft up for transfer in 2021 and the required bid process in order to receive one.  We bid for the B25 and in August 2022 we were very pleased to receive the confirmation that our bid had been successful and we would be the new owners of 44-29366.

After months of communication and planning we finally welcomed the North American B25 'Mitchell' 44-29366 to East Kirkby on the 9th and 10th November.

Maggie Appleton, Chief Executive Officer, RAF Museum is quoted as saying; “It’s wonderful to be sharing this announcement with the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. The B-25 Mitchell is an aircraft steeped in history and has many inspiring stories to share - from its original development to the pilots that flew it. I look forward to visiting soon to see the aircraft in its new home.”

Andrew Panton, General Manager, Lincs Aviation Heritage Centre is quoted as saying "It's an absolute delight to be able to bring the B25 to the Centre.  The addition of this wonderful aircraft enables us to tell the story of 98 and 180 Squadron prior to D-Day as part of 2 Group, Bomber Command.  Our role is to educate the future generations about Bomber Command so they will continue to be remembered and having a range of aircraft operated by the Command helps us to bring their memory alive.  We hope to breathe life back into 44-29366 in the coming years. We must extend our sincere gratitude to the RAF Museum for entrusting the future of the B25 to us and to Welchs Specialist Movements for their concientious transport."

The B25 is currently in a museum static condition and while it is sat in pieces in our hangar we will perform a thorough inspection of the airframe.  The aircraft will be reassembled in the week starting 21st November 2022.

We hope that the future will see the B25 roar back to life to provide aircraft experiences here at East Kirkby!

See the history of B25 Mitchell 44-29366 HERE

For further information please contact Andrew Panton on andrew@lincsaviation.co.uk


Andrew Panton

Accountable Manager and Lancaster/Mosquito Taxy Pilot

Andrew has grown up with the Lancaster and the world of aviation inspiring him to carry on the work of museum founders Fred and Harold Panton.
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