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Avro Lancaster NX611 winter restoration 2021

04 October 2021

It's that time of year again, here's what we will be doing to Avro lancaster NX611 this winter

Well 2021 has been a difficult year but thankfully more successful than last year!
The Centre is by no means back to normal but we are getting closer to back on track.

The plan for this winter is as follows-

- All 4 engine servicing

- Completion of the wingtips of NX611.

-Completion of the port wingtip of NX664 WU-21

- Rear fuselage of Lancaster KB976 completion in order to swap with the rear fuselage of NX611

- Number 1 port and starboard fuel tank overhauls

- Restoration of the port wing of NX664 WU-21 to swap with the port wing of NX611.

All of this work is estimated to cost in the region of £250,000.00 over the 6 month period.

If you would like weekly reports on the restoration work during that period please sign up to the Rivet Club HERE

If you would like to support the project with a donation we would be very grateful and it can be given HERE

We hope to be able to provide winter restoration tours as we have over the last 3 years and the dates should appear online shortly HERE.

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