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Fuel tank removal

04 February 2013

 More progress towards flight!

 We have just removed No2 fuel tank on the Port side ready for it to be overhauled and to allow us to see inside the wing section and assess any work that may be required.

I'm glad to report that the fuel tank looks in good condition and therefore will hopefully not need much work beyond cosmetic and pressure testing in order for it to be fully serviceable and certified.  It will shortly be sent to the overhaul workshop.

The 'hole' it has left reveals a lot to us and most of it is good!
The Spar booms in that section are all ok and there is just some light surface corrosion on panels and ribs etc there is also quite a lot of flakey paint which will be removed and a new coat applied.  Beyond some cosmetic work there is not too much we can do to the area at the moment as some sections will need upper-wing skins to be removed in the inspection scheme.

Photos are below and taken by Martin Keen on one of his many trips to the Centre to document our work.

Number 2 fuel tank out of the aircraft.

Fuel tank bay looking inboard

The red discolouration on the tank is a paint/preservative that was used on the aircraft when the RAF maintained it at the gate at RAF Scampton.
The 4 lines of rubber protect the tank structure where the holding straps make contact with the tank

The tank bay looking outboard.

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