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East Kirkby Air Show 2023 - Update 03-08-2023

03 August 2023

East Kirkby Air Show 2023 - Update 03/08/2023

East Kirkby Air Show 2023 - Update 03/08/2023

Given the recent weather forecasts we understand concerns about whether the event will be going ahead.

Following a thorough inspection of the show site today we can reassure you that it is in a good and safe condition to hold the show. The East Kirkby Air Show is still planned to go ahead on Saturday.

The potential inclement weather is going to test our flying display organising team but we are fully committed to providing you with the best show possible. The many forecasts we are watching are varied and ever changing so it is impossible to know just what weather we will get on Saturday. On the day of the show the aircraft operators will do their best to display for us with the safety of the display remaining a priority and we may see constant changes to the flying display times due to weather around the country but please rest assured we will all be trying our hardest to deliver the show as advertised. In some instances it may prove impossible for an aircraft to safely display, it all depends on the weather at East Kirkby and en route.

The Lancaster and Mosquito taxy runs will take place even if there are rain showers, the whole museum site is open regardless of the weather and we will ofcourse have all of the 1940's entertainment in the hangar. Your safety on site is our main priority and we continue to monitor the situation so we will update you if there are any changes.

The show site set up is almost finished and we look forward to welcoming you on Saturday. Thank you for your support.


Andrew Panton

Accountable Manager and Lancaster/Mosquito Taxy Pilot

Andrew has grown up with the Lancaster and the world of aviation inspiring him to carry on the work of museum founders Fred and Harold Panton.
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