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East Kirkby Air Show ground activities - 3rd August 2024

13 May 2024

What's happening on the ground?

The air show is not all in the air, we have a range of activities and entertainment on the ground as well.  Your visit to the East Kirkby Air Show will be enhanced with the following ground activities-


  • North American B25 Mitchell

    Our B25 Mitchell will be outside on display during the day as a static exhibit.

  • Lancaster cockpit viewing

    You can take a look into the cockpit of Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' through the Flight Engineers window using the Gantry steps.  Requires an extra £2.00 donation to the restoration of the Lancaster.

  • Vehicles

    We have a display of military, vintage and sports cars for you to peruse as you make your way around the site
  • D-Day Darlings

    The famous D-Day Darlings will be performing both under the nose of the Lancaster and in the hangar.

  • Lincoln Vocal Academy Choir

    The LVA will be preforming in the hangar through the day.
  • A & E Vintage Dance Revival

The Dance Revical group are regular performers at the Centre and will be demonstrating authentic dancing from the WW2 period.

  • Trade Stands

We have many trade stands and catering outlets around the site ranging from charity stands to military surplus and collectibles.

  • Flight Simulator

    While on site you can have a ride in a modern flight simulator!
  • Jeep photos

Why not have a photo in our WW2 jeep with the Lancaster behind you?

  • The whole museum!

The whole of the museum is open for you so there is plenty to see throughout the day!


Andrew Panton

Accountable Manager and Lancaster/Mosquito Taxy Pilot

Andrew has grown up with the Lancaster and the world of aviation inspiring him to carry on the work of museum founders Fred and Harold Panton.
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