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Lancaster Taxy Rides

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This short films shows you a typical taxy ride from different crew positions on the aircraft the film below is filmed in the cockpit- 

One of the aspects that makes The Lincolnshire Aviation Avro Lancaster NX611 CockpitHeritage Centre and Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' unique is that we offer you the opportunity to book a Taxy Ride.

The Taxy Ride gives you the chance to experience the Lancaster from a completely different point of view.  You get to experience the vibrations, smells, sound and atmosphere of a real Lancaster Bomber operating on a real Bomber Command airfield in front of an original Control Tower providing you with the ultimate WW2 aviation experience.  Your only dilemma is choosing which option to take!

We are set in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside and there are many Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels available to stay at; click here for details. 

VIP Day Taxy Ride Experience 

The most exclusive way to experience the Lancaster bomber is as part of our VIP party on our whole day experience.  The VIP day starts at 9am and finishes at around 3pm although you are welcome to stay at the Centre until closing time.  The VIP day, taking place midweek, is a more leisurely day with the chance to chat to pilot and crew members and to appreciate the museum and the Lancaster to their full advantage.  Please read more information about the VIP Lancaster Taxy Ride.

Lancaster Taxy Experience 

The Lancaster taxy ride experience takes place on some Saturdays and Bank Holidays Saturdays and Mondays.  On these days you book a time for your taxy ride, (there are usually two time options on each day) and we ask you to arrive at least an hour and a half before your riding time.  You are welcome to come to spend the whole day at the Centre.  This experience lasts around 45 minutes.  Please read more information about the Lancaster Taxy Experience.

Taxi or Taxy?- Many people ask us what is the correct spelling of Taxy.  The answer is both or either! They can both be used to describe the ground movement of an aircraft under its own power.

"From the moment we arrived until late afternoon when we reluctantly left we were made to feel so welcome by everybody, nothing was too much trouble" Dennis Sutton

"We were delighted with the organisation of the whole of the VIP Day from its assembly and informality and the way that everybody was so friendly and went out of their way to answer all the many and varied questions and of course to the more serious side the bravery and terrible loss of aircrew and the very poignant and sincere way in which they are remembered at East Kirkby" Selwyn Taggart

"The anticipation of the ride for 8 months certainly built up my expectations - and it was every bit as thrilling as I dreamed it would be...the taxi run itself is something I will remember second for second until the day I pass on.  One Merlin is an experience, four merlins are ecstasy!  The amazing finale with the engines revved up was of course the best part of the ride for me and unforgettable"   Lynne Cocks

"Thanks so much for the VIP taxi experience last Wednesday - the day was simply perfect!  Everything I had hoped for and more - the staff were friendly and charming - the information extremely well thought out and delivered very professionally - the catering superb - the pilot and absolute joy - thank everyone for me please, it was a dream made reality" Cathy Cobbold

"For me it was just the perfect day.  Everything about the setup you have there is superb.  Couldn't fault a single thing.  The whole day was set out brilliantly.  The briefing was very informative and interesting.  The museum and buildings are fascinating, lunch was spot on.  You even got the weather right!! And then there was the main reason for coming ..... they say you should never meet your heroes as you will be invariably disappinted.  I was a little apprehensive as I have been looking forward to this day since last year and had been building a picture of what the day was going to be like.  The whole experience of "Just Jane" just blew me away.  It will be a day I will NEVER forget.  Thanks to the pilot and rear-man their enthusiasm and love for Just Jane is infectious.  The taxi ride made a grown man (and his wife) cry it was that special.  Thank you thank you thank you for making my dream come true - it really was a Jim'll Fix It" moment" Jon and Jolanta

"The food was lovely and most of all the time given to us to spend in the Lancaster was invaluable and the time given by those involved to answer questions and talk about the plane was more than we had hoped" Jennifer Bowie

"It was the most memorable never to be forgotten day" Judith Blencowe

“I had a vague idea of what flying in wartime must have been like, based on accounts in books, but to experience for myself the cramped condition filled me with even more respect for the braves lads who went out night after night” John Edwards

"Everything and I mean everything, was absolutely perfect" Mark Naylor

“I can honestly say that for a few minutes whilst the Lancaster was taxiing and with my eyes turned to the inside I was 20,000ft….. it was 1944 ….. and I was flying on a mission over Germany!  I doubt whether there is anywhere else in the world that could have provided that feeling”  J. Shelley


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