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Flying in to East Kirkby


We have our Grass Strip for visiting aircraft. On the photo above I have indicated the line which is used by the Spitfire, Dakota, and any other visiting war birds it is deemed to be the best line to use.
There is a wind sock in the Museum compound next to the Control Tower for guidance.

Our grass strip is ready for visitors with any plane welcome! It is used by visiting Spitfires, Dakotas, Mustangs, Bf109's and any visiting civil aircraft. Due to the nature of the land we have here at East Kirkby this strip is part grass and part concrete (please see photo) but the concrete should only be used for emergency run off and it is best for you to land entirely on the grass.

Upon Landing-

1. Taxy up to the museum compound at the South-West end of the grass strip.

2. Park up along the hegde side as indicated on the plan below.

3. Make you way to the NAAFI building to sign in and contribute to the maintenance fee.

Please ring us to check runway is clear and available for landing on before hand.
Our number is 01790 763207.

Landing Strip Length-
24/06 - Grass-590m, Concrete-360m
Combined length of 950m (3000ft)
26/08 - Grass- 600m

NB: There is a model aircraft club that fly fairly regularly from the old East Kirkby Airfield approximately 1/4 mile from the landing strip on the south side

Notice To Pilots Wishing To Land At East Kirkby's Grass Strip (unlicensed)

1.Check Notams before flight
2.Speak to SATCO at RAF Coningsby (01526 347443) beforehand to check on flight operations.
3.Coningsby usually wish for flights under their MATZ to be not above 500 feet CHECK with RAF Coningsby.
4.Prior permission to land is required from East Kirkby before flying in. Tel No. 01790 763207.
5.NOTE: This strip is UNLICENSED.
6. There is a £10.00 maintenance fee for the landing strip payable upon landing.
7.There will be the normal charge for entrance to the Museum and use of our facilities.
Adults- £8.50
Senior- £7.50
Child- £3.00
These prices may increase on our special events.
8.After leaving Coningsbys radio frequency on 119.20 pilots are requested to make blind calls on Safety Com on 135.475 so airfields and other visiting airfields can listen if they wish to. NB Safetycom is for us to monitor only, you will only get a response if we need to communicate a problem or warning.
9.All circuits to the south, clear of Coningsby.
10.Pilots are to fly well clear of any housing near East Kirkby village at all times with special attention to be given to not overfly the house at the Northern end of the runway.
11.Keep a good look out for other aircraft which may be landing on tarmac runway nearby.
12. There is no fuel available at East Kirkby.
13.Airfield Orientation: 240deg-060deg or 260deg-080deg

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