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Our standard tail down taxy rides are usually on Public Holidays and some Saturdays. You enjoy the only chance in Europe to be inside a Mosquito with both Merlins running. We place guests enjoying a ride in the navigators position beside the pilot. The sound of the 2 Merlins alone has a profound effect on any one who is the least bit interested in the Second World War. The whole experience lasts 30 minutes, with the taxy run itself lasting around 15 minutes and a tour around the equipment in the cockpit. Each guest has a certificate to take home signed by the pilot.

Mosquito HJ711 is the only running Mosquito outside of North America!


Access into the cockpit is restricted, please read the terms and conditions of entry to the aircraft below-

- Taxy riders must be able to board the Mosquito without any assistance and be able to exit the aircraft quickly should there be an emergency, without any assistance. 

- Access to the Mosquito is by five steps of a ladder.  The hatch opening is 60cm x 70cm. Riders must not exceed 17 stone in weight 

-Anyone undertaking the Mosquito taxy ride experience must be able to hear and follow verbal and visual instructions in noisy surroundings.  This experience may not be suitable for anyone who has visual or hearing impairments or disabilities affecting mobility, concentration, dexterity and co-ordination.  If you require the use of a mobility scooter or a walking aid of any description for normal daily activities, then please consider whether you will be able to take part in this experience. Anyone who suffers from severe claustrophobia may find the Mosquito too enclosed.

- If we deem the rider unable to move around the aircraft with enough ease and sufficient speed to such an extent that they may put themselves and others at risk during an emergency then sadly it would not be possible for them to take part in the taxy ride.  If this decision is made by the Centre upon the customers arrival then no refund will be given.  We will permit you to transfer the place to someone else, under the same booking conditions but you must advise us of the details immediately they are known.


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