Bomb Tally Nose Art

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About this product

This nose art is exclusive to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and is hand-painted on genuine skin taken from a Lancaster bomber based in Canada. The bomb tally represents the missions of Christopher Panton who was killed in action in a Halifax bomber in March 1944, aged 19, The swastika represents the shooting down of a German aircraft. The yellow bombs depict night raids into Occupied Europe with the red bombs showing missions to Berlin. The ice creams are for missions to Italy (Milan) and the yellow box with a parachute depicts a 'gardening' mission - dropping sea mines. On Chris's squadron mission 21 was shown by the 'key to the door' the age of majority.

*** Please note - these pieces are produced to order and there will be a 6-8 week delivery period. Once they are at the Centre we will contact you with the postage&packaging details.***