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Membership to the Just Jane Supporters Association

Silver Annual Membership to the Just Jane Supporters Association

The Just Jane Supporters Association is launched on 1st Dec 2009 so you would receive the details after this date.

Become a member of the Just Jane Supporters Association
from only £30.00

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 Membership to the Just Jane Supporters Association entitles you to:

- Free admission to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.  There are many events which take place throughout the year at the Centre some of which cost £10 a time for adult entry, making our membership system a real bargain!!  You only have to visit the museum 3 times on these big events to have got your money back!  There may be some occasions (for example the airshow) where the membership requires a reduced ticket amount to be paid in addition to the yearly membership. 

Under the Silver Supporter membership you would receive the following benefits-

 Annual membership card.

 Annual Supporters magazine.

 Access to Supporters area and forum of the website.

  Free annual access to Museum and some events. (Not including concerts/dances and an additional reduced fee may be charged on some special events)

  First to be informed of any new events and developments (via the Supporters forum).

Please note that members who join together under the options for 2,3,or 4 people must live at the same address and only one membership card will be issued. 

Your money will be used towards helping to preserve and maintain the Lancaster and the continued running of the Centre.