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Winter 2013 will be an expensive one!- Updated

28 November 2013

 Costs mount for the 2013 winter overhaul with more expenses encountered.

The winter of 2013 is going to add up to being an expensive service period of Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'.

Current services programmed in for this winter and their associated costs are as follows-

Two propeller overhauls with CFS Aeroproducts- £18,600 approx

Undercarriage overhaul of port u/c and possibly starboard u/c- £10,000 approx

Tail oleo overhaul- £3,000 approx

Overhaul of Number 2 fuel tank starboard- £8,000 approx

Refitting of Number 2 fuel tanks- £3,000 approx

Engine winter servicing (with no known defects)- £4,500 approx

Radiator rubber mounts- £3,200 approx

3 Radiator and oil cooler overhauls- £15,000 approx

Continued Merlin 35 overhaul- £25,000 approx

3 New brake sacks- £18,000 approx

Number 3 oil tank overhaul- £5,400 approx

Number 2 Prop Spinner repair- £5,000 approx

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