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What's next?

11 March 2014

 The next part to be overhauled

We are constantly overhauling parts for NX611's return to airworthy condition.

The next scheduled items to be overhauled are the undercarriage retraction jacks.  They will be making their way to 'Hydro Pneumatics and Engineering Ltd' this month (the first to go this week) for a complete overhaul.  It is likely some of the seals and chromed rods may need replacing.

While these are away Bob will be working through all of the engine cowlings and fasteners repairing and replacing where required.

We will also be working through freeing off and overhauling all of the inspection and access panels on the aircraft ready for widespread inspections this year.

We have a schedule of NDT to work through with the first having taken place on the 7th March 2014 giving very good results.  X-Ray work will be the main basis of tests on the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilisers.

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