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The Lancaster Restoration Company- PROGRESS

22 July 2016

Progress is made with the restoration of Avro Lancaster NX611

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre is, as many of you will know, the company that operates and maintains Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'. However in order to make advancements with the restoration to airworthy condition with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) there is the requirement to establish and register a company to undertake and be responsible for the restoration work. 

All of the restoration work is planned to be completed at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre by the Centre's engineering team. In order to comply with the CAA regulations we have set up a company which we have called 'Lancaster Restoration Company', it is our A8-23 company and recognised by the CAA as the company that will be completing the work on NX611. This company name will begin to be seen on paperwork but rest assured this is purely an engineering arm of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.  Our new fundraising stand will also be appearing at air shows promoting the restoration of NX611.

Along with the new A8-23 company there have in turn been some changes implemented at the Centre in order for our operation to comply with CAA regulations and best practices. These changes are mainly around the 'behind the scenes' operating of the engineering aspects of the Centre but it will have a knock on affect to what you see in the hangar as you visit the Centre including the building of a new stores system and demarcation of working areas. We appreciate that change isn't always deemed to be good, but this one represents a major move forward to having another airworthy Lancaster in the UK.

The costs accrued with complying with the A8-23 requiriements and appointing an A8-25 company are in excess of £5,000.00.  If you would like to help with these costs you can make a donation HERE

 PLEASE NOTE- The ownership, restoration and operation of Avro Lancaster NX611 and the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre still remains with the Panton Family. This is merely the establishment of a partner company to complete the works required.

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