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RAFBF Airshow Saturday 1st August 2009

03 August 2009

The long awaited RAFBF Airshow took place on Saturday 1st August and was a huge success!

The long awaited RAFBF airshow took place on Saturday 1st August 2009.  Despite the weather threatening to break it held out for a spectacular display by 20 aircraft.  The only aircraft not being able to make it due to the weather conditions were Rob Davies' Mustang and the Rolls Royce Spitfire.  This event brought the biggest turn out of people ever to the Aviation Centre. 

The displaying aircraft were:

2 P51 Mustangs
RAF Tutor
CAP 232
RV-8 Duo
The Swift Aerobatic Team
Lancaster Taxy runs
The Flying Circus
Taylor Titch
Auto Gyro
RAF Chinook
Pitts Special
Training duo - Cornell and YAK52
A selection of aeromodels.

The displays were spectacular from all involved and very well received by the crowd.  In many instances photos simply cannot do the displays justice but the pictures we have from the event are available for viewing in our online gallery

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