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Propeller Spiders

19 September 2013

New prop spiders make their way to East Kirkby

As part of our airworthiness plan we have been trying to locate 5 new propeller spiders and in May 2013 we made contact with an American company who have four 23EX propeller spiders available.  They are systematically going through overhaul to an airworthy condition and making their way over the East Kirkby.

To date we have two of the Spiders in our stores at a cost of £17,455.00.

We also bought a spider in Jan 2012 at a cost of £10,000.00.

This gives us three spiders well on our way to the five required.

The other two spiders should be with us by the end of 2013 at an estimated cost of £8,500.00 each.

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