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Number 4 goes for a burton

26 April 2011

 Number 4 suffers mechanical faults!

On Easter Saturday number 4 engine (Starboard outer) suffer major mechanical faults causing it not to start for the second taxy run.

If was initially believed to be an electrical fault but after many hours of searching testing and diagnosis it was discovered to be a mechanical fault with the starter motor quill shafts and gear that feed from the starter motor to through the engine casing.

In order to change these parts you need to remove a bank and the supercharger casing which meant ENGINE OUT!

Assisted by Martin and Malcolm, our engineer Ian Hickling proceeded to dismantle and remove No. 4 and replace it with our spare engine.  The faulty engine has now made its way done to EyeTech engineering for repair.

Have a perusal of the photos below-









Number 4 bare and ready for the prop to be taken off.

The hole to be filled with the spare.









Faulty number 4 is taken out of the powerplant








The spare engine is in place with prop on









Martin and Ian add the ancillary companents















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