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Nissen huts go up!

14 December 2010

 New Nissen huts constructed and the museum!

Well here we go again! More construction at the museum!

We have started on constructing four Nissen huts on the site!  These are in the plan to construct a new NAAFI building at the entrance to the Centre.

So in order to make room we are moving the two Nissen huts at the entrance and also adding two more to them and relocating them next to the Hangar toilets behind the pill box.

Two of the Nissen huts will be used by the LARG (Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group) and two by the Centre.

This move will make the Centre look ever more wartime and they are actually not far from the site of the original 57 sqn briefing hut!

Keep an eye out in next years Main Spar to learn how to construct a Nissen Hut!

Malc and Brad have their work cut out!


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