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Mosquito Arrives!!

30 July 2017

The DH Mosquito HJ711 makes it to East Kirkby in July after a mammoth joint engineering task. See her for the first time at East Kirkby Air Show on the 5th August 2017

The latest stable mate for Avro Lancaster NX611 has arrived at East Kirkby. Mosquito NFII HJ711 has made its way to East Kirkby earlier than expected after a joint engineering team pulled out all the stops.

On the 21st July we received the first load of spares from Tony Agars Mosquito collection with the remainder of the aircraft to follow a week later.

On the 28th July a team from the Lincs Aviation Heritage Centre travelled up to the Yorkshire Air Museum to remove the powerplants and props from HJ711 ready for the airframe disassembly on the 29th July. The props and engines along with many components, cowlings, flying controls etc were transport by the Lincs Aviation team on the 28th.

A team from the De Havilland Museum assisted Tony and his team to disassemble the aircraft on the 29th July ready for transporting to East Kirkby on the 30th. 

This great news come in the week leading up to the East Kirkby Air Show on the 5th August 2017 meaning the air show will be the publics first opportunity to see the 'Mossie' in all her engineering glory.

HJ711 will remain disassembled until later in August when the Mosquito, De Havilland and Lincs Aviation teams will reassemble her in a befitting state with her esteemed hangar mates.

This starts an exciting new period at East Kirkby leading to the sound of 6 Merlin's running on the WW2 airfield. Not only is it an exciting time to come but its also a very fitting tribute to 100 Group of Bomber Command and the Mosquito aircraft that were based at East Kirkby after WW2 while the runway at RAF Coningsby was being resurfaced.

We cannot stress how exciting it is to be able to display HJ711 in a disassembled condition for you so you can really see how impressive the Mosquito aircraft engineering really is.

Please do make the effort to come and see HJ711 in this 2 week window of opportunity before she is reassembled.

You can book tickets for the East Kirkby Air Show HERE so that you can see the Mossie, meet the team (Tony Agar and Elaine Wilcox) while also see in the largest independent air show in Lincolnshire

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