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Merlin 35 makes progress

26 September 2014

News on the rescued Merlin

The Merlin 35 purchased by the Centre in 2012 has made the next move to being useful to NX611. In July of this year the disassembled crank case was taken down to Eye tech engineering in Suffolk for assessment towards overhaul. It was found to be straight and in a condition that could be overhauled to airworthy if required. Three weeks ago the remainder of the engine was collected by Maurice Hammond and will be reunited with the crank case to be overhauled to an airworthy condition and reverted to a Merlin 24 (the original mark of Merlin that this engine was produced as). The overhaul of this latest engine will give us 5 of the 6 Merlins required for NX611s overhaul to airworthy condition (4 on the aircraft and 2 spares- inboard and outboard) It is incredible to think this engine was rescued from a scrap yard! This engine overhaul will cost upwards of £100,000!

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