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Main Spar Cover

08 March 2013

 Further restoration to NX611's interior

Over the 2012 winter period we removed and stripped the main spar cover from NX611 which also forms part of the Wireless Operators seat.

We were suprised by the amount of poor quality repairs that had been done to it over the years of operation with evident stress points from wear and tear.


Over on Twitter, Keith (@NX611 Engineer) reports: Bob Mitchell has the main spar cover and wireless ops seat assembly ready to refit to NX611.










Finished main spar cover waiting to go back in NX611 (Above)

Cover back in NX611 (Below)

Via @[556737427:2048:Andrew] on Twitter (@NX611_Pilot), a picture of the newly refurbished spar cover now refitted in NX611.

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