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Official Statement from The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre-

It is fair to say that we have been considering making moves to fly Avro Lancaster NX611 for some years now; in fact it has been the ultimate ambition of Fred and Harold to complete their fabulous contribution to aviation history and the memory of Bomber Command.
In a recent interview with BBC Radio Lincolnshire Fred has confirmed what, I am sure, many people have been thinking for many years.
It has been our ultimate ambition to be able to restore NX611 to an airworthy condition but also keep her accessible for the general public to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere created by a Lancaster.  For us to keep NX611 as a credible 'peoples memorial' to Bomber Command available to many people, no matter their background or financial situation (After all those that flew with Bomber Command came from every imaginable background) we must strike a healthy balance between keeping her in a good condition but also allowing the public to experience her.
As stated by Fred the end goal would be to be able to see NX611 take to the skies once more, but it will by no means be a short road to that end.
We are currently building up a large stores and parts stock ready for the possible 'push' for airworthiness.
The moves we are making- sourcing 4 airworthy engines, acquiring parts from all over the world, undertaking feasibility studies, sourcing AP's and the relevant paperwork -  are all working towards enabling us to 'push the button' and let the Lanc feel air under her wheels once more.
There is no funding or involvement from Peter Jackson or the Dambusters film
As with everything that has been done at the Centre and with the Lancaster the project will be self funded- but if anyone would like to feel that they have helped with keeping NX611 operational you are welcome to make donations.
If we get to the stage that NX611 is airworthy it will undoubtedly be called upon to perform in the air show circuit.  There is also great interest and support from BBMF and RAF and I am sure that we will work closely together if NX611 ever goes skyward. 

Airworthiness is the ambition and we have now confirmed that, but unfortunately there is much 'ground' work to be done before we make that jump.  No move will be made until we are happy that we have built up enough parts and solved all the logistic issues. 

Everyone’s support is greatly appreciated.  Rest assured that we have the aircrafts best interests first and foremost in our minds.  We have not striven for many years to sacrifice our achievements in one fail swoop.  NX611 will always remain as a living memorial to Bomber Command; that is the most important duty we perform. 

Andrew Panton

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

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