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Fireworks 06/11/2010

Well the firework night has come and gone, what can we say, we had an absolutely excellent turnout.  The Centre was heaving and we are so grateful to all those that came to see our end of season finale.

There were some awesome photos taken of the Lancaster night run and it event surprised the crew as to how many sparks flew from the engines!

You can browse some photos on these links-






We exercised our German 60cm searchlight and managed to create a great blue beam (as you can see from some of the photos) a credit to the engineers who have managed to get it back up and working.

The fireworks themselves were our best yet, the company we used really exelled themselves.  The display lasted around 12 minutes as was the perfect way to end our 2010 season.

Once again, thank you to all those that supported us.  And to those that didn't, please come and try it next year!

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