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Lancaster parts collection from Canada

12 March 2010

 We make our way to Canada to collect some Lancaster parts!

At the end of February Ian and Andrew made the long hop across the pond to Nanton, Alberta in Canada.
The main purpose of the visit was to forge our new friendship with the Nanton Lancaster Society Museum and obtain some vital spares to further the campaign to make NX611 airworthy once more.

Nanton town is home to Nanton Lancaster Society Museum, Canada National Bomber Command museum and memorial.
Their mentality and commitment to 'the cause' is very similar to ours here at the Aviation Centre and they are making great strides into being the best and most important museum in Canada.

Nanton Lancaster Society Museum is home to Avro Lancaster MkX FM159


The team are currently restoring the aircraft to engine running capability and working on their third engine (number 2, port innner) and making sterling progress.
We wish them the best of luck for the coming years in bringing FM159 back to life.

Ian and Andrew spent 3 days with the team at Nanton and with the help of Cratex they crated and shipped the following spare parts to ensure the continued operation of Avro Lancaster NX611-

14 x Lancaster undercarriage Oleos
12 x Retract arms
2 x Header tanks
6 x Engine Bearers

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre are indebted to the Nanton Lancaster Society for their friendship and generosity.

Please browse the photos below to see the crating project through its stages-

Cratex arrive










Crates unloaded










Oleos being boxed up










Oleos being boxed up











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