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Just Jane Cheese campaign donation

26 September 2013

 Sizeable donation from the ''Just Jane' cheese' campaign   

The first year of the ''Just Jane' Cheese' campaign by Lymn Bank Farm has been completed.
Matthew and Amy Grinstead of Lymn Bank Farm presented a cheque from the first years proceeds for £1,552.47 all of which will go toward the continued restoration of Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane'.  The sales of the cheese is equivalent to 2.5 tonnes of cheese!

The photo below shows (from Left to Right) Louise Bush, Natalie Panton, Andrew Panton, Betty Panton, Amy Grinstead and Matthew Grinstead.

The 'Just Jane to fly again' cheese is avaialble from the NAAFI at the Centre and from www.postacheese.com

Many thanks to Lymn Bank Farm for their kind donation.


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