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23 May 2014

 Dakotas meet at East Kirkby

Friday 23rd May saw Dakota N74589 meet 'Drag em oot' at East Kirkby before setting course for a display at Duxford air show.

Both crews sat down over a coffee to discuss the days flying before taking off and flying in formation around the county in readiness for their formation display the following day.

N74589 had made its way from New York, USA on the 6th May to take part in the Duxford air show and Normandy commemoration in France.  It was a rare sight to see two D-Day veterans here at East Kirkby!

History of N74589-

N74589 was delivered to the United States Army Air Corps (USAAF) in 1942 as 42-24064. After delivery to Baer Field, near Fort Wayne, Indiana the aircraft was assigned to the 434th Troop Carrying Group (TCG), 74th Troop Carrying Squadron (TCS). After a lengthy Atlantic crossing via Puerto Rico, Brazil, Senegal, Morocco and finally around Spain, the unit arrived at Aldermaston, England, during February 1943 and immediately commenced training operations.

42-24064’s participation in D-Day commenced during the early hours of 6th June 1944 when, along with the rest of her unit, she towed WACO CG-4A gliders to landing zones in Normandy. It is also thought 42-24064 participated in the dropping of paratroopers during the second invasion wave. Dozens of support and transport missions were later flown in support of the Allied invasion and the subsequent broad front push across the European low counties. During the Battle of the Bulge 42-24064 logged further combat sorties, dropping reinforcements and supplies to the besieged town of Bastogne.

More photos can be found here on Silksheen Photographys website












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