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2015 winter Lancaster work

28 October 2015

 What work will we be undertaking on NX611 this winter?

As the 2014 winter was a big overhaul period for us there is less to do this winter however we still have some big jumps forward towards the airworthy goal.

The jobs to work on this winter are as follows-

  • Engine winter servicing
  • Completion and reassembly of the port aileron (RAP)
  • Replacement of 8,000 anchor nuts and bolts (RAP)
  • Removal of number 3 engine and repair (Supercharger bearing)
  • Refit of number 2 fuel tanks (RAP)
  • Possible removal of number 1 fuel tanks (RAP)
  • Assessment of tail oleo for replacement with spare (RAP)
  • Cosmetic clean and paint removal for all data plates
  • Main Undercarriage attachment casting NDT (if number 1 fuel tanks are removed)  (RAP)
  • Fuel cock control rod replacement (RAP)
  • 2 Brake sac replacements (RAP)
  • Engine Cowling repairs

(RAP) Return to airworthy programme

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