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VIP Day Taxy ride

The VIP Day

We offer special VIP days which are usually held mid week and are a whole dayAvro Lancaster NX611 cockpit experience. The day starts at 9.30am with a briefing from either your pilot or/and a crew member and the day's co-ordinator. There are multiple tail down taxy runs on our VIP days and places are limited for the VIP day so booking is essential. The riders in the VIP party are divided into groups allowing you to ride on one taxy run and watch any others at close quarters. The taxy ride is completely unique and very different to the experience from outside the aircraft.

There is a lunch prepared especially for our VIP guests at 12 Noon. During the day you will have plenty of time to chat to the crew and ask Avro Lancaster NX611 Rear Turretany technical questions! You will also be able to explore the aircraft and have a good look around experiencing the sights and smells of a WWII bomber.  All guests have the opportunity to sit in/visit each position throughout the aircraft whilst the aircraft is static and have the tour of the Lanc with the chance to sit in the pilot's seat. Whilst you are looking around the aircraft we have crew members on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Morning coffee, afternoon tea and cake are also included on these days.

Guest option
There is also the chance for the person enjoying the taxy ride to bring a guest who gets the whole day, including a look inside the Lancaster and the tour, but not the taxy ride for £90.00. The VIP day is run in a far more leisurely manner, providing you with time to absorb the airfield's history and sounds.

Price- £430.00

 Places MUST be pre-booked!  The places are booked well in advance so you can check the availability and book in our online shop 

 There is also the opportunity for you to buy a photo of yourself sat in "Just Jane" taken by our resident photographers A&K Markham. 25% of all purchases is donated to the 'Restoration of Just Jane'. They also offer a service to frame your photo along with your certificate while you wait. 
Arrangements can be made with Kay or Alan on the day of your ride.  CASH ONLY


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