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Battle of Britain Day 2008

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The Battle of Britain Day dogfight 2008. 
The 13th September brought a large crowd to East Kirkby to celebrate the Battle of Britain Day. It had been ‘billed’ as a mock air battle being performed by a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt [Bouchon] 109 and with many other attractions.

What was not mentioned was that the 109 was to do a surprise attack on the airfield, and a surprise it was. I had been pre-warned what to expect and had positioned myself for an ‘ultimate’ photo. Wrong, I still ‘jumped a mile’ as the pyrotechnics went off, simulating the ‘strafing’ of the runway. Most of the crowd behind me where also taken unawares and some of the surprise language is not printable!!!

Unfortunately, I was so taken aback that I missed the second strafing run which was even longer and more spectacular. With the crowd in a pitch of excitement the take off of the Spitfire to repel the attacker and consequential air battle was very much appreciated, with loud applause as the two combatant pilots subsequently landed.

The two participating aircraft in the display, which came up from Duxford, expertly flown by Cliff Spink and John Romain.

Review with thanks to Dave Stubley


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