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USAAF Photography day

19 August 2024

Photograph the North American B25 Mitchell in a unique setting

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What’s included on your USAAF Photography day?

We are pleased to be teaming up with Darren Harbar Photography to once again offer a USAAF photography day in 2024 that will utilise our B-25. Themed around the USAAF bomber, the day will see the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre become a small part of the 8th Air Force with a USAAF airfield set up along with period re-enactors and vehicles. 

The morning will consist of a short presentation by Darren Harbar with some hints and tips about getting some interesting images on the day. It will also include a talk about LAHC by Andrew Panton, before you head out onto the airfield to picture the B-25. For the morning session, the bomber will be positioned for clean, timeless images on the grass airfield. After lunch, that will be supplied for you, you’ll head back onto the airfield and have a chance to climb the ladder for a sit inside the B-25 cockpit (subject to height, weight and self-manoeuvrability). At the same time, the aircraft will be graced by our re-enactors who will be able to chat to you about the USAAF in England and pose for photographs. Once everyone has had a chance to view the cockpit, we’ll be setting up some great 8th Air Force scenes for you to capture with the vehicles and re-enactors. 

A very unique and exciting day for anyone with or without a camera. 

Who’s it for:

  • Any photographer who wants a close up and personal day with a B-25 at an historical location with unique photographic opportunities.

What to bring:

  • You and your camera – it’s as simple as that!

This photography day is designed for those who are already competent with a camera, but it can equally be fun for entry level users and can be fun for compact camera owners too. There’s no photographic challenges during the day, just lots of specially set up opportunities to capture images you just won’t get anywhere else. The day is themed around the B-25 with a USAAF 8th Air Force set up. You’ll spend the entire day getting up close and personal to this historic airframe. Professional aviation photographer Darren Harbar, is on-hand throughout the day to ensure that you get some fantastic photographic opportunities and advice available as needed. He manages the access to around the airframes to allow all attendees to get a wide range of images, including period re-enactors to pose with the aircraft. You need not even have a camera to enjoy this day, as you get up close and personal to the aircraft and so long as you are within weigh limitations and can access the aircraft unaided, then you get to access the inside of the B-25 for a cockpit tour.  There’s even a presentation on LAHC plus some expert photographic advice on making the most of the day with a camera. The ultimate day for fans of the 8th Air Force and the B-25. 

About Darren Harbar Photography

Darren has been running photography days for many years, and has a great reputation for his training workshops and specialist subject days. Having worked as the editor of Which Digital Camera and as the test and technique editor on Practical Photography before setting up his own business seven years ago, Darren has the ability to delve into a variety of camera brands menu’s to help his clients realise the potential of their cameras. His training style has been described as ‘cutting through the jargon’ and one client once stated that every camera club should have a Darren Harbar on hand! Darren takes time to help each client on his event days and can target specific needs, be they entry level or more advanced questions. 

Visit www.darrenharbar.co.uk for more about Darren Harbar Photography

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