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Fireworks & night taxy runs

04 November 2023

One of the County's biggest firework displays and taxy runs of Avro Lancaster NX611 and DH Mosquito HJ711

What’s included on your Fireworks & night taxy runs?


Fireworks and night taxy runs 2023 - Update 02/11/2023

Following the first event set up day today we have undertaken another thorough inspection of the show site. We are very sorry to report that in the interests of customer and aircraft safety we have had to take the very hard decision to cancel our Fireworks and night taxy run event on Saturday.  The rainfall over the last fortnight has meant that the heavy rain we have received today, and what is forecast for Saturday, has taken the car parks and grass landing strip to a condition which would not be safe to use.
Customer safety is our main concern and the condition of the car parks means that we could not ensure the safety of vehicles and customers entering and leaving the site.
The Centre will be entirely closed on Saturday.

This year has been unprecedented with the weather we have had for our events, we truly hope for a better year next year.

If you have a ticket for the event and would like a refund please reply to your e-ticket email to request it.
Refunds could take up to 4 weeks to be processed in their entirety.  If you would like a refund you must contact us before 12th November 2023.

Thank you for your continued support.


This admission ticket gains you entry to the site which includes the museum and the spectator areas to watch the taxy runs and fireworks (the rides on the aircraft are pre-booked with an additional ticket several months in advance).


This is one of the County's biggest firework displays and taxy runs with Avro Lancaster NX611 at 12.00, 3.00pm and 7.00pm.  The Mosquito will also be taxying at 3.30pm, 5pm and 7pm.  This event has proved popular and has limited tickets so we would seriously recommend you booking tickets while they are available.

See an original WW2 searchlight, feel the atmosphere of a WW2 airfield at night and celebrate the end of our 2023 season.

This years fireworks will see the culmination of many years experience here at the Centre giving us the best display we have ever had, not only will you be able to see the fireworks you will also be able to feel their power as they explode and cascade in the skies over this very historic location.

This year there will be even more space for our visitors and even better views for the fireworks as we enhance your experience. 

This is possibly our best value event as you can join us for 11 hours as you watch the Lancaster taxy runs at day and night, enjoy a hog roast, play with glowsticks, watch a WW2 German Searchlight and most importantly build memories for years to come with the biggest firework display at the Centre.

***Unfortunately the evening/night portion of this event is not open to dogs due to the loud bangs from the fireworks.***

Schedule for Fireworks & night taxy runs


Gates Open


Lancaster taxy run


WW2 lecture- Escape and Evasion (Briefing Hut)


WW2 control tower reenactors 1pm - 6pm


WW2 lecture- Uniforms of Bomber Command (Hangar)


Lancaster taxy run


Mosquito taxy run


Mosquito taxy run


WW2 lecture- Escape and Evasion (Briefing Hut)


WW2 German Searchlight display


WW2 lecture- Uniforms of Bomber Command (Hangar)


Mosquito taxy run


Lancaster taxy run




Gates Close