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Faces around the museum

We at the Centre are extremely grateful to all those that work and help out to keep the musuem and Lancaster running.  This is their page.

We have a dedicated team of staff at the Centre, here are some faces of regular helpers and staff you may be familiar with.

Fred and Harold Panton
Fred and Harold established the Centre in 1987.  The Centre is a commemoration to their brother Christopher who was killed on the Nuremburg raid in March 1944.  Harold is still heavily involved in the day to day running of the Centre and lead the push to build the Centre year on year. Fred Panton sadly passed away in June 2013.

The Management Team

The management team consisting of Harold, Phillip, Louise and Andrew run the day to day activites of the Centre.  Andrew and Louise have both worked in the Centre for several years following in their Grandfather Fred's footsteps. 

Andrew specialises in the event organisation and accounts.  He is also a pilot of Lancaster NX611. 

Louise specialises in the Lancaster taxy ride organisation, she is the museum curator and is also the editor of MainSpar magazine for our members.   Both Andrew and Louise are also guides on board the Lancaster. 

The NAAFI Staff
We have a dedicated team of staff in the NAAFI led by Frances Noble (daughter of Harold) our catering manageress. 


 The Archive teamArchive Staff at The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

The Archive Department deal with 'behind the scenes' work, and are very important to the running of the exhibits in the Centre.  We are always updating and adding new displays for which the archive departments work is vital.

Malcolm Smith
Malcolm joined our team full time at the end of 2008 helping to maintain the site and build new exhibits.  He has helped at the Centre for many years providing fire cover for the Lancaster taxy runs. 

The Car Park staff/Marshalls
Some of the first faces you will see on arrival at the Centre on our busy days are those of our car parking staff.  We feel they are a great asset to the Centre and help to provide a smooth running event.


 Dave Stubley, supporter of The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and Avro Lancaster Bomber NX611 at East Kirkby

Dave Stubley
Dave is part of the Lincolnshire Aircraft Recovery Group based at the Centre.  Many of the wreckage exhibits belonging to the group are displayed in the Hangar.  




Dave Willey, supporter of The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and Avro Lancaster Bomber NX611 at East Kirkby Dave Willey
Dave assists with creating interactive displays and special effects within the Centre.  He is involved with the restoration of the museum radio collection and is responsible for the upkeep of the Lancaster intercom system, its associate equipment and general sound maintenance.  Dave is also a member of the Lancaster ground crew. 


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