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Air Show display aircraft 2021

The aircraft of the East Kirkby Air Show 2021

  • Lancaster NX611- TAXYING ONLY- The pride and joy of the Lincs Aviation Heritage Centre and the Panton family will be demonstarting taxy runs and watching over the biggest event held at the Centre this year.

  • Mosquito HJ711- TAXYING ONLY- Out to taxy alongside NX611 for the first time this year.  HJ711 is the ONLY running Mosquito in Europe

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    • The Blades Aerobatic Team- A team of highly skilled former Red Arrow and UK National Aerobatic pilots, focused on delivering exhilarating flying experiences, air displays and the thrill of Air Racing.

    • Miles Gemini- The Miles M.65 Gemini was a 1940's  British twin-engined four-seat touring aircraft designed and built by Miles Aircraft at Woodley Aerodrome. It was the last Miles aircraft to be produced in quantity.

    • G Force Aerobatics- Little and Large Extra duo -

      Chris Burkett performs a unique "Little and Large" Extra Duo display with Mike Williams, who flies a 40% scale radio controlled model of the G-Force Extra. At its debut in 2013 their display was voted a "Top Ten Airshow Moment of the Year" by UK Airshow Review.

    • Siai Marchetti- Italian military trainer from the 1960's and one of only 10 in the country.


    • Auster AOP6

      Image result for auster east kirkby air show 2017

    • Nord Norvigie- 1940's French built air observation post aircraft


    • Great War Team-  Bringing back the glory days of WW1 with some biplane aerobatics and ground based pyrotechnics as they demonstrate the age old aerial duel of dogfighting

      Image result for great war team

    • BBMF Dakota

    • BBMF Spitfire

    • BBMF Hurricane

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