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Just Jane winter maintenance and repaint

November 2016- April 2017

Winter maintenance DVD

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Own a piece of history with this "Winter Maintenance and Repaint" DVD. It documents the work undertaken during the winter of November 2016 through to April 2017 in this phase of NX611's (Just Jane) restoration journey to an airworthy condition. 

You will see Just Jane's final taxi run of 2016 followed by clips of her being dismantled section by section, and prepared for her complete paint strip. Also showing some fantastic footage of Just Jane in her bare metal state as she is assessed, repaired and then repainted before being fully rebuilt and taken out on her first taxi run in April 2017.

The footage runs for just over 35 mins and includes commentary by Andrew Panton, the grandson of Fred Panton. Fred and Harold Panton are the two brothers who formed the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in honour of their brother Chris Panton who was lost on the Nuremburg raid in 1944