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Winter Restoration tours

Saturday 17th March - Winter servicing Tour 1.30pm

Come and have an exclusive tour around the hangar seeing the winter servcing of Lancaster NX611
from only £3.00

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Building on the hugely successful 2016 winter restoration period with a complete paint strip, survey and repaint of NX611 we will now begin on the list of restoration work to be done.

This winters restoration tours will take you around the following-

2017/18 will see us focusing on two distinct areas, tail fin/rudder and inboard engines.

The following work is aimed to be completed this winter-

-Starboard Fin and Rudder disassembly and complete rebuild/restoration

-Undercarriage Support beams (these have the undercarriage and engine bearers bolted to them and in turn bolt to the front spars).  Its a forged item so needs to be removed for paint strip, inspection and NDT.

-Starboard wing trailing edge removal for inspection and repair

-Starboard trailing edge access panel anchor nut strip replacement.

-Repair of a hydraulic tank connection weep
- H2S dome retaining anchor nut replacement

- Number 2 engine removal and replacement

- Winter servicing of engines

All of this work is estimated to cost £125,000.00 over the 6 month period.

If you would like weekly reports on the restoration work during that period please sign up to the Rivet Club HERE

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