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Up And Coming Exhibitions

Keep up to date with all our exciting news of new exhibitions we're planning to open over the coming months.

The Early Bombers exhibition
The Early Bombers project is still a work in progress.  We intend to get a little more interactive with this exhibition.  We are also looking to expand this further, if any one has any photographs or exhibits they think may be of interest in this area we would like to hear from you.

Training exhibition
In the not too distant future we intend to make a training exhibition, there are lots of items waiting to go on display.  We have already found space for the Link Trainer which is currently in the Early Bombers building but the training exhibition is set to be expanded much further with time. 

If anyone has any items which they think may be of interest in any of the displays within the Centre we would be interested in hearing from you.  We are always looking to expand further and cover more areas relating to Bomber Command and the Second World War. 

Nissen huts 2017/201801/12/2017

New buildings for 2018 

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'Story of a Lanc' book release18/08/2010

A new edition of 'Story of a Lanc' is due to be released 

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