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Dakota 20 minute tail down taxy ride

We have now launched a new Taxy Ride Experience!  You can now experience a tail down taxy ride on Dakots N473DC.

Full information below-

This is your opportunity to take part in a tail down taxy ride on a Douglas DC3 Dakota, currently the only opportunity in the world.Dakota taxy rides

But this isn't just any Dakota, this is Dakota N473DC, a veteran of the D-Day landings and Operation Market Garden.  It has flown with the Americans, the British and the Canadians.

Click here to view the full history of N473DC.

We are offering you, in association with Dakota Heritage Inc, the chance to experience this remarkable warbird with a 20 minute taxy ride with a choice of position, you can choose from a carrier seat, the jump seat or the co-pilot seat (incremental price increases).  Book it for individuals or charter the whole aircraft (14 seats) for a group.  The only opportunity in Europe!

Dakota taxy ridesN473DC is painted in her D-Day colours original to the aircraft as it flew in the operation, she also retains many of the bullet holes received during her wartime operations including the shell hole through the pilots seat.

You can experience all this, along with two Pratt and Whitney's purring alongside.

The taxy ride includes your chance to have a look around the interior of the aircraft AND the cockpit along with a cockpit tour by the Pilot or crew.Dakota taxy rides

As with any wartime aircraft the Dakota is an expensive aircraft to operate but this experience gives you the chance to get close to a real warbird at a fraction of flying costs.

If you are interested in purchasing a ride please select from the seating options at the top right of the page.

Carrier Seat- Seat in the carrier body of the fuselage with views our over the wings.

Jump Seat- A single seat behind the pilot with views into the cockpit

Co-Pilot Seat- Right hand Pilots seat with the controls and instrumentation.

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Dakota taxy rides


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