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**TALK CANCELLED** 'Skies of Hope' Hangar talk

Downed RAF bombers and fighters in the Dutch region of Rivierenland.

Rivierenland is an area in the Netherlands between the river Lek in the north and the river Maas in the south. In the west lies the city of Dordrecht and in the east the city of Tiel. During WW2 allied bombers followed these rivers west to return to their bases in England after bombing German targets, many were shot down. When the allied armies pushed north in September 1944 this area became the frontline up until the end of the war in May 1945. The many bridges, roads, ships and German positions were under almost daily attacks by RAF and USAAF fighters whose pilots risked their lives day in day out.  
Over 500 RAF bombers and fighters were shot down over this area, these are the dramatic stories of some of them. Researched by Peter den Tek and told with more than 150 slides with photo's ,films and documents.


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